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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included for $25?

  • Beginner Lift Ticket
  • 1 Group Lesson
  • Equipment Rental
  • A chance to Woo Hoo!

Are there age restrictions?
Anyone ages 5 and over can sign up for a Never Ever Day, unless otherwise specified by the ski area.

Where can I try a Never Ever Day?
Many ski areas across Canada are offering Never Ever Days.
Use the interactive map to find a ski area near you.

What if I book a visit and then I cannot go?
Cancelations are permitted up to 30 hours before 6am on the day of your scheduled visit.
For example, if your visit is scheduled for February 20th, you can cancel up until February 18th at 11:59pm.

If I cancel a Never Ever Day, can I re-book for another day?
Yes, but dates are limited.

Can I give my pre-booked visit to another person if I cannot go?
No, the visit must be redeemed by the purchaser.

How many Never Ever Days can I book?
Only one Never Ever Day per person is allowed. Once you have participated in a Never Ever Day, you are no longer a “Never Ever”!

What if the forecast looks too cold?
When it comes to Canadian winters, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad attitudes! Make sure you’re prepared for a great day on the slopes by checking the forecast, the local snow report and packing adequate layers and extra clothes. You’re encouraged to watch these videos before your Never Ever Day.

Can my family be in the same group lesson?
For the greatest chance of success, most ski areas group beginners by age. Following your group lesson, you will have the opportunity to practice your new skills together!

Booking a Never Ever Day is easy and can be done online following these steps:

  1. Create an account online here. Every purchaser must have a skier account. URL:
  2. Additional skiers can be added to the purchasers account for participating spouses and children.
  3. Select an age group for the first participant (5 – 12, 13 – 17 or 18+) and a sport (skiing or snowboarding) for the Never Ever Day program.
  4. Select a ski area from the list that matches your criteria. Only ski areas that have availability will be displayed.
  5. Select a day from the calendar and click ‘Book my visit’.
  6. The Never Ever Day will be added to your cart.
  7. When you proceed to checkout from your cart, you will have to assign a skier to the Never Ever Day you’re purchasing. If you haven’t yet added skiers to your account, you can do that here.
  8. Proceed to payment for your order.
  9. Check your inbox shortly for a confirmation email. If you don’t see the confirmation email, please check your junk/spam filter.
  10. Get excited! You’re going to learn to Woo-Hoo!

Get ready to fall in love with skiing or snowboarding!

There are a few things that will make your experience enjoyable.

  1. Please review the confirmation email, indicating where to go on your Never Ever Day.
  2. The Never Ever Day program is fully digital, meaning you only need to show a barcode indicating proof of purchase when you arrive at the ski area. This can be accessed in your online account under “My Bookings” and can either be printed or displayed on your mobile device.
  3. The website has a lot of valuable information for beginners that will prepare you for your first day on the slopes.
  4. After you’ve completed your Never Ever Day, you’re ready to proceed to forever and ever status! Ask at the ski area how you can continue to progress and what programs are available.

It won’t be long before you find yourself woo-hoo’ing down the slopes again!