Welcome to Never Ever Days Turning Never Evers into Forever and Evers

Crisp winter air. Trees covered in snow. Carving down the hill with friends. The adrenaline rush. Sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. For many Canadians, skiing or snowboarding is more than just an activity, it’s a full-day experience.

That’s what makes it so special and why we think every Canadian deserves to try it. Enter Never Ever Days…

Never Ever Days is the ultimate beginners’ package for anyone who’s ever considered trying skiing or snowboarding; providing everything you need – equipment rental, beginner lift ticket, and a lesson – for just $25.

Never Ever Days are being offered at over 70 ski areas across Canada on select dates throughout the 2016/17 season. Simply pick where you want to go, choose from the available dates, and voila! You’re all set to experience your very first day on the slopes.

World's Largest Lesson

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Sign up for a Never Ever Day and be a part of history! On January 6th, over 80 ski areas across Canada and the USA will be delivering lessons simultaneously in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest ski and snowboard lesson.


Skiing and Snowboarding is for Everyone. Check it out.

The outdoor activity of skiing, whether it be a ski trip to a mountain ski area or a ski week at a local ski area, provides an ideal opportunity for individuals with a disability to integrate meaningfully in a positive and rewarding way with their peers.

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How Much Fun is Never Ever Days? Watch the Video.

Welcome to the best day of your life! Fun, friends and the outdoors. Get a sense of what a Never Ever Day is all about thanks to our friends at Whistler Blackcomb.

What is a Never Ever Day? See for Yourself.

Never Ever Days is the ultimate beginners’ package for anyone who’s ever considered trying skiing or snowboarding, providing everything you need –

  • Equipment rental
  • Beginner lift ticket
  • A ski or snowboard lesson
  • Plus a day long experience
  • And fantastic comeback offers
– for just $25.

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What Should I Expect on My Day? Read On.

Although the Never Ever Days experience will be unique to each ski area, here’s a rough idea of what you can expect:

  • Arrive at the ski hill and look for the specified meeting place
  • Next step: you’ll get your beginner lift tickets and rental equipment
  • Once everyone is ready, it’s time to hit the slopes!
  • Practice your new skills – master the turn, perfect the stop, and own the hill!
  • Before you say your goodbyes, everyone will meet-up one last time to celebrate your accomplishments

Snow School at Whistler Blackcomb

Where Can I Take My Never Ever Day? See for Yourself.

Never Ever Day programs are offered at over 70 resorts around Canada.

Explore the map on the left or enter your location to search for the closest resort.

or Click Here for a list of Never Ever Days Locations

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What Should I Wear? Read On.

The ski areas will teach you how to be comfortable on the slopes, but we want to make sure you’re comfortable to weather the elements. Here’s a checklist of what you should wear:

  • Warm winter coat (preferably waterproof)
  • Snow pants (preferably waterproof).
  • Warm gloves or mittens (again, waterproof is best)
  • Goggles or some level of sun and eye protection
  • Additional layers to keep you warm (bundle up with long underwear, sport socks, neck warmer, etc.)
  • A ski or snowboard helmet (these will also be available for rent at the ski area)
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Ski and Snowboard Apparel

What Else Should I Bring? Read On.

Be prepared to have a great day by bringing along:

  • A printed copy of your Never Ever Days confirmation email
  • A credit card: an imprint is required for security purposes on all rental equipment
  • Photo ID: some ski areas will be offering an après experience with alcoholic beverages
  • A great attitude: this is a day of fun and trying something new. Enjoy the experience, try your best, and you’re bound to have a great time!

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